Thank you for your interest in applying to the Uncharted Journalism Fund. Open to individuals and groups located in British Columbia, Canada. Our next round of applications will be announce soon.

You'll want to set aside sufficient time to complete the application form (about an hour) because there is no "save & return" option. You can find a downloadable template of the application form here:

Note: to be as fair as possible (given how small the B.C. journalism community is), please avoid including personally identifiable information in your application, other than the fields that ask for your personal information.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact us at
Your application will remain confidential to the trustees of the fund. We are grateful for your application, and yet we will not be able to personally follow-up with every applicant.
Your name *

Name of person applying, or main point of contact.
Team members

If applicable, please provide the names of your collaborators.
Best contact phone number *

(Always helpful in a pinch.)
{{answer_28710322}}, tell us about the project in one sentence *

This is the "elevator pitch," tell us everything we need to understand the idea in 30 seconds.
Tell us how you think the project fits with Uncharted's mandate of "bold adventurous storytelling" *

The uncharted journalism fund has been established to support bold adventurous storytelling in a shrinking media environment. The fund’s goal is to help determined individuals tell underreported stories, issues, and scoops in exciting new ways.
How do you imagine telling this story? *

For example, what interesting, new, and novel approaches might you explore?
Which medium will you be using to tell the story and why? *

What hurdles do you anticipate and how will you overcome them? *

Why this? Why now? *

And you might also want to touch on what's been done before on this theme, topic, or using a similar approach, if anything.
Why you? *

For example, {{answer_28710322}}, you might want to tell us about your background and experience in relation to the proposed project, special access you might have, or provide examples of work, and so on.
How will you use the funds? *

For example, do you have a top-line budget that describes the anticipated project costs? Reminder, Uncharted Journalism Fund provides grants up to $3000 during each cycle. This grant amount can be a part of a larger budget.
Did we miss anything? Tell us more...

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Quick updates sent quarterly to announce grant application schedules, public events, and grant recipents.
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